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Wow... I'm not gonna lie... This book isn't for everyone. So if you read the blurb and it not appeal to you, just skip this one and be happy.
Usually I don't read reviews before start my books, I only get the blurb. But this isn't a typical romance or a typical Penelope's romance, so I readed a few reviews (good and bad ones) to see if I could handle it.
I confess that I started it with a really bad expectation after a few negative reviews, and I'm glad to say that the said negatives that I was waiting for (like rape or dubious consent) were overreacted by some sensitive readers.

The thing that isn't for everyone in this book is the Taboo and the change of partners. The fact that she has some kinda of kinship with Jake (he's her father's little stepbrother, so no blood related)... But also has an age gap between them and he's the authority and father figure in their house and her new life...
Sooooo that's one of this "things".
Another one is that he has two sons - obviously hot AF -and just a little older than her, but completely different to one another. All of the men work in home, and with the winter a couple of months a head, they're preparing to be trapped in home by the snow for 6 months, and she's the prey trowing herself at their full of testosterone hunter's den.
I also read a review that said that she was jumping from bed to bed between them, and I was a little disgusted by it even before start the book. But this also wasn't true. She DID had sex with the three of them along the book (not at the same time)... But this is an issue if you just read this information without the context of their story line. This is a big book, and the storyline is really deeper then the sex scenes. The connection they share is amazing... Each of them in a different way.

And I will not give spoilers.

Tiernan is someone who doesn't have anyone who cares for her during all her life. Her parents were selfish and just love each other, pushing her away to be alone by herself since she was just a kid.
She definitely had parents issues and was a needy person.
She's closed, innocent, lonely, sad, misunderstood, attention needy, with lacking of love and depressive.
When she saw herself into the men's life, all is new to her, and she started to get attached to the attentions, protection and care that she never had. She started to know how a family was suppose to be. How good and how overwhelming their attention is... And she's so desperately to feel loved that the lines started to blur.

But she really IS loved this time.
By all of them. In different moments and in different ways. Until she understand what she really want and need, and what she really feels for them individually. A family love, a brother love and a real love. And she gets all the three.

Jake, Noah and Kaleb are a different kind of mountain men.
Jake is the reasonable, responsible and the father. He's in his later thirties, but it's totally worked out, with all the cabin and hunt work. He's the first to get into Tiernan attention, because he really cares for her and try to get into her armor until she starts to feel like she matters.

Noah is the heart and the freedom of this family. He's captivating, loving, friendly, misunderstood like Tiernan, obedient and overwhelmed. He doesn't want to be the isolated mountain man like his dad. He wants to be free, to live hard and love harder, and my heart really feel his sadness in a lot of moments.

Kaleb is the savage one, with all the leave me alone vibe. He's mute. It's a psychological condition, and he doesn't talk to anyone. He's the hunter. The observer, the wild, and the one with bigger Mommy/trust issues between the brothers. He likes to be alone, but he also feels so much without saying anything, that makes you want to open his mind to see what's really inside.

All of them has bigger issues as individuals and as family. But they're also always there for each other, and with the help of each other, they're able to explore and face all their issues, and to be better persons for themselves and the others.
They have trust issues, but together they start to untangle the mess in their minds. And they start to heal. It's beautiful to see them grown.

I think that's my biggest review ever, but if you're ok with the mentioned taboo and a single MFM scene, you should give this book a try.
I reaaaally loved how it was told and how it ends.
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